Welcome to SockBot!

Sockbot - A sock puppet Robot worthy of TheDailyWTF that interfaces with what.thedailywtf.com. SO META!


SockBot is designed for educational purposes, and is not intended to be used on typical production forums. It is also designed as an experiment of what can be automated within Discourse, and is generally targeted directly at what.thedailywtf.com.

This bot should not be used without the forum owners consent, and any use of this bot should be immediately discontinued at the request of the forum owners or moderators. SockBot is not intended for any ill purposes, and the designers of SockBot can not be held liable for abuses of the technology, or any software derived from it.

Special Thanks

For hosting the forum and allowing our bots to flourish: @apapadimoulis @PJH

For telling us that it couldn't be done: @Codinghorror

For code that I looked at and lifted many ideas and implementiations from: @Arantor @ben_lubar @riking @Yamikuronue

For Providing Bugreports and feature requests that make Sockbot better for all: @FrostCat

For ad-hoc debugging of @sockbot: @Matches @VinDuv @loopback0 @mott555 @jaloopa @tarunik @PleegQat @Maciejasjmj @Keith @aliceif @dkf @anonymous234 @RaceProUK

For providing the lovely and amusing Error messages that sockbot will occasionally spew @aliceif @VinDuv @jaloopa @Luhmann @JBert @dkf @Keith @mott555